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How real-time location tracking helps trash collection
How real-time location tracking helps trash collection
Real-time location tracking is an important tool for managing trash collection effectively. Vehicles fitted with GPS system are at the core of the logistics. As more zilla parishads, municipalities, businesses and homeowners take
Basics of vehicle GPS tracking
Basics of vehicle GPS tracking
Here we try to explain the basics of how GPS tracking system works for a vehicle. The system has a few components. The gadget & GPS chipMany of us know about a small gadget that is fixed to a vehicle and the vehicle is tracked
Geo-tracked cabs are safer and offer you peace of mind
<strong>Geo-tracked cabs are safer and offer you peace of mind</strong>
When our family travels, we are often concerned about their travel experience and when we travel our family is concerned. During the travel people are out of sight. But with us, you or your family always know the cab’s location, the
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